Sailboat Charter in Porto Vecchio

  1. Ketch Aitor (1964)Porto Vecchio
    Capacity 14
    Cabins 4 cab
    Berths 4+3
    Engine 2x255hp
    Draught 2.30m
    Size 78ft
    from9 550 €*from 27/03 to 03/04View details
  2. Sun Magic 44 - Jeanneau (1992)Porto Vecchio
    Capacity 10
    Cabins 3 cab
    Berths 4
    Engine 1x55hp
    Draught 2.12m
    Size 44ft
    from2 000 €*from 05/06 to 12/06View details
  3. First 47.7 - Beneteau (2001)Porto Vecchio
    Capacity 12
    Cabins 3 cab
    Berths 6
    Engine 1x76hp
    Draught 2.80m
    Size 49ft
    with skipper / crew
    from4 350 €*from 27/02 to 06/03View details
  4. Atlantic 49 - Atlantic (1990)Porto Vecchio
    Capacity 8
    Cabins 4 cab
    Berths 6+2
    Engine 1x100hp
    Draught 2.00m
    Size 49ft
    with skipper / crew
    from3 000 €*from 15/05 to 22/05View details
  5. Irina VII (1934)Porto Vecchio
    Capacity 10
    Cabins 2 cab
    Berths 4+1
    Engine 1x60hp
    Draught 2.13m
    Size 54ft
    with skipper / crew
    from5 680 €*from 01/05 to 08/05View details
  6. Sun Shine 38 - Jeanneau (1986)Porto Vecchio
    Capacity 6
    Cabins 3 cab
    Berths 6
    Engine 1x30hp
    Draught ---
    Size 38ft
    from2 280 €*from 23/01 to 30/01View details
  7. Jeunes Dirigeants (2006)Porto Vecchio
    Capacity 7
    Cabins 4 cab
    Berths 5+1
    Engine ---
    Draught 2.50m
    Size 54ft
    with skipper / crew
    from---prices on requestView details
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Where to sail from Porto Vecchio, Corsica?

First stop – Start off your sailboat rental in Porto Vecchio – Casting off from the ‘city of salt’ and renowned seaside resort, Porto Vecchio or ‘old port’ is a lively hub with dreamy beaches and turquoise water just minutes away!

Stop 2 – Bonifacio – Explore 120 kilometres of coastline situated between the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian seas. Equipped with a marina, numerous beaches, creeks and even lagoons, Bonifacio offers infinite possibilities. Highly recommended: Fazzio Creek – anchor nearby the beach for easy disembarkation.

Stop 3 – Propriano – Another seaside town in the heart of the gulf of Valinco… a gulf so calm that you would mistake it for a lake! This spot is ideal for a tranquil anchorage. A visit to Capu beach is recommended.

Stop 4 – Ajaccio – with its wide variety of landscapes, Ajaccio offers stunning views of Corsica. Saint-Francois beach is recommended.

Stop 5 – Les Calanques de Piana – Chiselled and worn by centuries of coastal erosion, the Calanques of Piana (a UNESCO site) are a must-see attraction on this trip! The overwhelming scale of the calanques is best appreciated from aboard your sailboat.

Stop 6 – Calvi Bay – The town of Calvi and its vast bay is bordered for six-kilometres by a magnificent sandy beach and a well-preserved pine forest.

Stop 7 – The Bay of Saint Florent – The very steep coastline of Saint Florent is characterised by its beautiful villages perched at the base its mountain range and the popular port of Centuri.

Culinary specialities – Our top three!

Benefiting from a beautiful location between the mountains and the sea, Corsica offers a wide range of delicacies made with local produce. You can enjoy these on land in traditional Corsican restaurants or from the comfort of your sailboat charter in Porto Vecchio.

1. Les beignets au brocciu

‘Brocciu fritters’ is a classic Corsican dish... a culinary specialty to die for would be an understatement! Brocciu is the flagship cheese of Corsica, made from either ewe’s or goat’s milk. The beignets have both a soft and crispy texture and are often used in desserts.

2. Les tartelettes aux herbes

‘Herb tarts’ are usually had as an aperitif, served with a small orange wine. They consist of a shortbread pastry base, a chive or spinach filling, cream, and of course, herbs!

3. Le veau aux olives

‘Veal with olives’ is the flagship dish of the Ventulella region in Corsica. This slow-cooked dish is served with pasta, potatoes or polenta.

Sailing conditions in the South of Corsica

Both Corsica and Sardinia enjoy a Mediterranean climate year-round with tourist numbers peaking during the months of July and August. Therefore, it is advised that you plan your sailboat rental in Porto Vecchio in advance to pre-book moorings. That said, with over 1000km of coastline you will have the freedom to drop anchor wherever you wish to. The best time to visit Corsica is between May and October. During this period, you could get up to 13 hours of sunshine per day with very little precipitation. Surfer-enthusiasts will be happy to hear that nearby Bonifacio is windy for almost half the year, so it has great waves. The winter months are less desirable as the strong Mistral winds begin to take effect.

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