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Welcome to New Caledonia

Set within an incredible diverse landscape, New Caledonia is one of the wonderful exotic destinations that remain sheltered from mass tourism. Located about 1500 kilometres east of Australia in the Coral Sea, this Oceania archipelago is an exciting region to discover by sailboat.With a sailboat charter in New Caledonia, you will have the privilege of exploring this magnificent and extraordinary spot at your own pace. By visiting this enchanting archipelago, scuba diving enthusiasts will be able to combine a marine cruise with an unforgettable underwater experience, whether in the north, the south, or the Loyalty Islands Province.This faraway French land promises you fabulous moments of escape to share with the people you love. Several anchorages will give you the opportunity to enjoy the many heavenly beaches, beautiful hiking trails and the hospitality of the tribes you’ll encounter.

The top beaches in New Caledonia

If you choose a sailboat charter in New Caledonia, you can easily tour its most beautiful white sand beaches. Indeed, wide strips of immaculate white sand await you, like Kanuméra, which surrounds the Isle of Pines. You can also wander in Nouméa where the beach of Anse Vata awaits you. A must-see stopover for water sports enthusiasts! Wabao, a white sandy beach with a crystal-clear sea, is located south of Maré and is ideal for snorkelling and swimming.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing are ideal activities on the long beach of Poé. Located a few minutes from Bourail, this beach will also delight families who will be able to observe sea turtles during the nesting season. Venturing this time into the bay of Santal, you will be able to dock close to the mesmerising beach of Peng, much appreciated by strollers who enjoy its shaded areas. On its west coast, known as the leeward coast, you will discover large green plains. This is the region of the ‘Stockmen’, the Caledonian cowboys, and their large cattle farms. Wild West undertones ripple over these hills. It’s here that you will be able to admire the iconic Heart of Voh, this island whose mangrove swampland formed a heart immortalised by the photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Sailing along this coast, you will approach the reef: a marvel classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful lagoons of New Caledonia and a haven for divers.

On the windward coast, the east coast, you will find a mountain range culminating at 1629m. Steep reliefs, cliffs dropping steeply into the ocean, lush nature are the defining features of this region. Finally, the southern coast is characterised by its dense vegetation, red earth reliefs, colours that contrast beautifully with the lagoon. You will be able to survey the region before your departure on a cruise along the numerous hiking or mountain bike trails. Of course, you can also survey the underwater world and its curiosities the aiguille de Prony.

The New-Caledonian capital, Nouméa is located on the southern coast of the island and is a popular departure point for a sailboat charter in New Caledonia. Once on board, the first port of call has to be the Isle of Pines, the jewel of New Caledonia or "the closest island to paradise"! On the crystalline waters bordering it, you will meet the Kuniés, the inhabitants of the island, on their swinging pirogues. You will anchor in the bay of Kuto or Kanumera, with its long white sandy beaches. Don't hesitate to go to the bay of Oro to dive in its natural swimming pool: an aquarium accessible via a sandy river: an unforgettable experience!

New Caledonia is indeed a fusion of cultures, its history spans several millennia: populations of Melanesian, French, Asian and Polynesian origin share this archipelago. The Kanake (Melanesian) culture is the most present today. Its traditions still form part of daily life: clothing, cooking, lifestyle habits... Don't be surprised if each person you meet greets you with a wave of the hand, this is the custom in New Caledonia. Quickly get into the habit of doing the same in order to blend in with the population! The best period for a sailboat charter in New Caledonia is between April and October however, its exceptional climate allows for pleasant sailing all year round.

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