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4.3/5 - 63 reviews
August 2014
Jerome is a relaxt and good friend. The sailingyachts were in good condition and the area is a must for every sailor. We had a very good time on the channel islands. Thanks for make this happen!
June 2014
Granville - Saint Malo - Gorey Harbour - Beaucette Marina - St. Helier - Iles Chausey - Grandville wonderful experience!
November 2012
The Aztec Lady is a great boat! Great crew and nice food! Highly recomended!
September 2012
Ill be honest i have something with older Gib Sea because it's where i learned to sail with for many years. So to find a similar yacht was exciting from the start. Allthough this is not nearly a new yacht it does have all features to give the comfort you need if you would stay out of port and at sea for several days or weeks. We stayed about 7 days at sea with only one day docking at a port for restocking on water, food and just a non wave night of sleep. Overall the yacht was fine with the only problem we had a broken battery but i must say it was solved professionally and quickly. The staff is very friendly and there to help and assist in any way possible! Many thanks to them for giving me the courage and spirit to have a super holiday, we will surely be coming back next holiday!!! Many thanks, Dave Joosten
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