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July 2022
The Marina at Cherbourg is an excellent location to discover South-England and the Channel Islands. It is accessible 24h/24h, which gives no restrictions for planning trips. The welcome/reception upon arrival was short, most likely because we arrived after noon and the office on a Saturday only is open till 12h00. We where guided to the boat and keys where handed over, but: an overall tour on the boat explaining all of its functioning was not included. The cleaning of the boat was only done superficial. Boat condition: - Kitale, Oceanis 411, dates from 1999 and is a nice sailing vessel. - Saturday we discovered that both navigation and steam lights did not function. It was inspected on Sunday by the owner and a missing light bulb was installed in the navigation lights. However, the steam light was not repaired. - the boat has good sails and is well equipped to go on the ocean. all charts, safety equipment and repair kits are present and in good condition; - elements for daily use that where missing: 2/4 mooring lines, 2/8 fenders (and one flat). - the spare hand-held port and starboard navigation lights and stern light did not have functioning batteries; - the cabin window on the starboard side is leaking. It is a known problem, covered with duck-tape. - the autopilot is not functioning and sometimes functioning of navigation instruments vanished and re-start up was required; - the system for the pumping off the water of the shower is not working or its functioning is not clear. We did not manage to get it done, called on that but did not receive an answer. - the engine of the dinghy was spilling oil (known problem), the Jerrican only contained a minimum amount of fuel; - we repaired the deck brush; - some of the comments indicated where already handed over in previous check-lists and also available from the log book. It is a pity action was not yet taken. - maybe it is time to do some hull polishing. Upon arrival, Saturday morning, we overall cleaned the boat and left, the keys where put on the navigation table. Destination: the region is absolutely beautiful and also fun sailing. South England is within reach of 15h of sailing. Isle of White has interesting nature, evidence of defence infrastructure, nice marina's, places to visit such as Osbourne House. The Channel Islands show a mixture of English and French history and beautiful nature, with nice bays (Alderney, Sark) and very lively and friendly marina's and cities worth visiting (St. Helier, St. Peter Port) at Jersey and Guernsey. With a little bit of effort, this sailing boat can be brought in top-condition, which would give its hosts full satisfaction upon sailing. We absolutely had a top holiday and very much enjoyed the sailing. However, in this condition we judged the price overrating the quality-service received.
August 2014
Jerome is a relaxt and good friend. The sailingyachts were in good condition and the area is a must for every sailor. We had a very good time on the channel islands. Thanks for make this happen!
June 2014
Granville - Saint Malo - Gorey Harbour - Beaucette Marina - St. Helier - Iles Chausey - Grandville wonderful experience!
November 2012
The Aztec Lady is a great boat! Great crew and nice food! Highly recomended!
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