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Created in 1984 in the Var region of France, the Catana shipyard has over 30 years of expertise and innovation. Specialised in the construction of modern and fast catamarans, the brand has a reputation for building speedy yachts. Over the years, Catana keeps on designing and building ever larger and more luxurious, high-performance yachts. In 2000, the launch of the Catana 472 and of the Catana 581 is a huge commercial success for the brand. These new lines offer more luxury features and equipment with no loss of performance. In 2005, Catana diversifies and puts on the market its first motorised catamaran: the Power 45. 2006 marks the beginning of the construction of giant catamarans (over 25 metres in length) combining speed, comfort, safety and technology. With the integration of the infusion technique in 2009 and thanks to innovations stemming from the racing world, the shipyard is booming in 2011. The Catana 59 is a revolution!

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Boats Catana

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