190 Catamarans to Rent in Lefkada

Catamaran charter in Lefkada

Three Reasons to Charter a Catamaran in Lefkada

1. Adventure Island

Land or at sea, a variety of activities are available to make the most of your vacation. Hop off your boat rental and into the clear blue water to swim amongst exotic fish and sea life. Sip on a cocktail and bask in the sunlight on one of the numerous pristine beaches. Moore your catamaran charter to Vasaillikii port before renting a bike to explore the mountainous region filled with nature and beauty. Or hike through untouched nature to find your way to the Nidri waterfall. A catamaran charter in Lefkada gives you the best of both worlds.

2. Quintessential Sailing Conditions

All boats welcome! A strong boating culture is present and is known as a top charter destination in the Mediterranean. The islands favorable sailing conditions are a clear indication why! Surrounded by the Ionian Sea, waters stay relatively calm throughout the year. Between May and August, the water temperature averages 25*C. More so, locations around Lefkada maintain a predictable daily thermal wind. During the summer months a light breeze is present in the morning before becoming stronger in the afternoon (8-15 knots). Sail your catamaran charter through turquoise blue water, clear skies, and enjoy a Mediterranean climate year-round.

3. Local Tastes

Greece is known around the world for its mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine. During your catamaran charter in Lefkada you are sure to find the best Moussaka or Gyro you’ve ever tasted. Want to try some locally produced products? While on your voyage be sure to try some of the famous lentils from Eglouvi or thyme honey from Athani. This honey is used in the delicious ancient Greek honey sesame bar known as Pasteli. Buy a few bars or a few bags worth to snack on while sailing your boat rental at sea! Don’t’ forget to try the local Bertzami wine, a rich dry red wine. Some say this is the best wine in all of Greece!

Windsurfing Capital: Vasiliki

Sail your boat rental along the coast and spend an afternoon at the charming fishing town of Vasiliki located southwest of Lefkada Town. Known as a hot spot for windsurfing, during the summer months you will find these beaches filled with watersport adventurers. Enjoy the natural beauty and charm that surrounds the port where you can dock your catamaran charter. Try one of the many taverns and restaurants to satisfy all seafood cravings.

Must See Sights

World Famous Coastlines – Upon arrival it will be obvious what attracts so many. Beaches, beaches, and more beaches. A catamaran charter will bring you from one glorious beach to another. You will feel as though you are looking at a postcard as you gaze into the horizon where the cloudless sky fades into the emerald waters.
Doukato Lighthouse – Located in Cape Lefkatas , the most southern edge in Lefkada, here you will find some of the most dramatic and beautiful views this island has to offer. Don’t feel like trekking your way up the rugged path, sail your catamaran charter towards this location to appreciate this lighthouse from afar.
Monastery of Faneromeni – Make a point to visit this beautiful monastery while visiting your charter base. Built in 1634, you will observe the traditional importance religion has on Greek culture and everyday life.

Getting There

The most ideal way to get to Lefkada is by flying into the local airport of Perveza only a short 30 minutes’ drive from the marina and your catamaran charter. However, keep in mind that Akins Airport only operates during the summer months. If you are coming from neighboring Islands such as Meganisi or Kefalonia, the ports of Nidri and Vasiliki operate local ferries.