Explore the islands of Polynesia on a Cabin Cruise

Tahiti, Bora Bora and Raiatea await
Cabin Cruise in Polynesia
Departure Tahiti (French Polynesia)
Full board
11 days, 10 nights
You will love:
  • • The warm welcome of the Polynesian People
  • • Admire the breathtaking sunsets
  • • Swim in the stunning turquoise waters
1 515 €1 364 €
per person

On board your Lagoon 620 enjoy a unique and memorable cabin cruise around some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Be blown away by the stunning Polynesian landscape and the warm welcome of the local people. We recommend that you enjoy a cruise between May and October to make the most of the weather.

Your Boat


Welcome on board your Lagoon 620 which has been designed with comfort in mind, and will ensure you enjoy a wonderful cruise. The back of the boat gives easy access to the sea, and the deck is perfect for sunbathing and relaxing.

Boat Model :Lagoon 620
Type :Catamaran
Number of Cabins :6
Maximum Capacity :12
Crew Members :2
Comfort onboard :

Bath towels
Beach towels
Speakers in the cockpit
Audio system
Snorkeling gear
The owner reserves the right to replace with a different boat model of the same quality and performance

Your Cabin


On board your Lagoon 620 catamaran you will enjoy a double cabin offering all the comfort and luxury of a bedroom. Each cabin has a private bathroom with a sink, large mirror, cabinet, toilet, shower and hot and cold water.



Discover the paradise islands of Polynesia!

Day 1 - Tahiti - Moorea
Your catamaran awaits you at Marina Taiana, and you will embark at around 12h. Then you will set sail for your first stop at the bay of Vaiare where there are plenty of activities to enjoy, or take a swim from the largest white sandy beach on the island of Moorea.

Day 2 - Moorea
Today your crew will lead you towards the bay of Opunohu. Here you will have the chance to enjoy an excursion to the inland valleys of the island, a 4x4 safari through the pineapple plantations, or a trip to Belvédère where you can taste the delicious local produce and discover the ancient archaeological sites. Leave the island at sunset and head towards Raiatea during the night.

Day 3 - Raiatea
You will sail towards the south of the island of Raiatea and enjoy breakfast. Spend the morning enjoying some snorkeling or diving, or enjoy a walk around the coast. In the afternoon you will navigate to the bay of Faaroa and see its river, the only navigable one on the island.

Day 4 - Raiatea - Tahaa
Day 4 and you will sail the short distance across the lagoon to the town of Uturoa where you can spend the morning shopping or walking to the top of Tapioi which gives incredible views! Enjoy a relaxing lunch in the lagoon with stunning views towards the Motu Tautau to the north west of the island of Tahaa. Swim in the coral reef or try a spot of kayaking!

Day 5 - Tahaa - Bora Bora
Today you will navigate towards Bora Bora, and enjoy lunch at anchor in front of Motu Tapu. In the afternoon you can swim or snorkel and discover more of the underwater life and some of the most stunning lagoons of the South Pacific. Moor for the night to the east of Bora Bora.

Day 6 - Bora Bora
Swim with the manta rays before breakfast! A memorable experience not to be missed! Then sail the short distance to Motu Taurere. You have the option of enjoying a traditional Tahitian BBQ on the beach! In the afternoon you will sail through one of the most famous lagoons in Polynesia and then spend the night moored at Matira point.

Day 7 - Bora Bora - Raiatea
After breakfast you will sail for 4 hours towards the island of Raiatea and enjoy lunch. You have the option of taking an excursion to the pearl farms and take a guided diving tour to the oyster lines. Spend a relaxing afternoon enjoying various water sports, whether swimming, kayaking or snorkeling.

Day 8 - Raiatea - Tahaa
Day 8 and we head back to Uturoa the main town on the island of Raiatea. You can enjoy a spot of shopping or take a guided tour of this sacred island, the vanilla plantations, the flora and fauna and the ancient site of Taputapuatea. A short navigation takes you to Motu Ceran where you will enhoy lunch, before heading to Robinson for the afternoon. Enjoy swimming or snorkeling in the coral reef.

Day 9 - Huahine
Today you sail towards the island of Huahine which will take around 4 hours. In the afternoon you can relax on the Ana Iti beach and enjoy various water sports, such as swimming, kayak or snorkeling. You will then have the option of dining in a restaurant with traditional Polynesian food and dance.

Day 10 - Huahine - Raiatea
Enjoy breakfast then you will sail the short distance to the village of Fare. Explore the village and try some snorkeling. You will have the option of taking an excursion around the archaeological sites, the fishing areas and the vanilla plantations.

Day 11 - Raiatea
Disembark at around 8h at the port at Uturoa.

From Raiatea to Tahiti
Same reversed itinerary.

Your stops :

Tahiti > Moorea > Raiatea > Tahaa > Bora Bora > Raiatea > Tahaa > Huahine > Raiatea

The itinerary may be changed without prior notice due to technical or weather conditions


Departure / ReturnStandard double cabin Price including VAT per personStandard double cabin for single use Price including VAT per personPrivatisation of boatTotal Price
October 2019
Tuesday 29 Oct
Friday 08 Nov
3 150 €4 410 €On demand
November 2019
Monday 18 Nov
Thursday 28 Nov
2 600 €3 640 €On demand
December 2019
Sunday 08 Dec
Wednesday 18 Dec
2 600 €3 640 €On demand
Saturday 28 Dec
Tuesday 07 Jan
2 600 €3 640 €On demand
January 2020
Friday 17 Jan
Monday 27 Jan
Sold OutSold OutOn demand
February 2020
Thursday 06 Feb
Sunday 16 Feb
-5%1 520 €-5%2 128 €On demand
Wednesday 26 Feb
Saturday 07 Mar
Sold OutSold OutOn demand
March 2020
Tuesday 17 Mar
Friday 27 Mar
-5%1 900 €-5%2 660 €On demand
April 2020
Thursday 16 Apr
Sunday 26 Apr
-5%1 995 €-5%2 793 €On demand
May 2020
Wednesday 06 May
Saturday 16 May
-10%2 552 €-10%3 572 €On demand
Tuesday 26 May
Friday 05 Jun
-10%2 552 €-10%3 572 €On demand
June 2020
Monday 15 Jun
Thursday 25 Jun
-10%2 552 €-10%3 572 €On demand
July 2020
Sunday 05 Jul
Wednesday 15 Jul
-10%2 552 €-10%3 572 €On demand
Saturday 25 Jul
Tuesday 04 Aug
-10%3 434 €-10%4 807 €On demand
August 2020
Friday 14 Aug
Monday 24 Aug
-10%3 537 €-10%4 952 €On demand
September 2020
Thursday 03 Sep
Sunday 13 Sep
-10%2 979 €-10%4 171 €On demand
Wednesday 23 Sep
Saturday 03 Oct
-10%2 979 €-10%4 171 €On demand
October 2020
Tuesday 13 Oct
Friday 23 Oct
-10%2 979 €-10%4 171 €On demand
November 2020
Monday 02 Nov
Thursday 12 Nov
-10%2 979 €-10%4 171 €On demand
Sunday 22 Nov
Wednesday 02 Dec
-10%2 457 €-10%3 440 €On demand
December 2020
Saturday 12 Dec
Tuesday 22 Dec
-10%2 457 €-10%3 440 €On demand
January 2021
Friday 01 Jan
Monday 11 Jan
-10%2 457 €-10%3 440 €On demand
Thursday 21 Jan
Sunday 31 Jan
-10%1 364 €-10%1 909 €On demand
February 2021
Wednesday 10 Feb
Saturday 20 Feb
-10%1 512 €-10%2 117 €On demand
March 2021
Tuesday 02 Mar
Friday 12 Mar
-10%1 512 €-10%2 117 €On demand
Monday 22 Mar
Thursday 01 Apr
-10%1 890 €-10%2 646 €On demand
April 2021
Tuesday 06 Apr
Friday 16 Apr
-10%1 890 €-10%2 646 €On demand
Monday 26 Apr
Thursday 06 May
-10%2 552 €-10%3 572 €On demand
May 2021
Sunday 16 May
Wednesday 26 May
-10%2 552 €-10%3 572 €On demand
June 2021
Saturday 05 Jun
Tuesday 15 Jun
-10%2 552 €-10%3 572 €On demand
Friday 25 Jun
Monday 05 Jul
-10%2 552 €-10%3 572 €On demand
July 2021
Thursday 15 Jul
Sunday 25 Jul
-10%2 844 €-10%3 982 €On demand
August 2021
Wednesday 04 Aug
Saturday 14 Aug
-10%3 434 €-10%4 807 €On demand
Tuesday 24 Aug
Friday 03 Sep
-10%2 979 €-10%4 171 €On demand
September 2021
Monday 13 Sep
Thursday 23 Sep
-10%2 979 €-10%4 171 €On demand
October 2021
Sunday 03 Oct
Wednesday 13 Oct
-10%2 979 €-10%4 171 €On demand
Saturday 23 Oct
Tuesday 02 Nov
-10%2 979 €-10%4 171 €On demand
November 2021
Friday 12 Nov
Monday 22 Nov
-10%2 457 €-10%3 440 €On demand
December 2021
Thursday 02 Dec
Sunday 12 Dec
-10%2 457 €-10%3 440 €On demand
Wednesday 22 Dec
Saturday 01 Jan
-10%2 457 €-10%3 440 €On demand
January 2022
Tuesday 11 Jan
Friday 21 Jan
-10%2 457 €-10%3 440 €On demand
Monday 31 Jan
Thursday 10 Feb
-10%1 364 €-10%1 909 €On demand
February 2022
Sunday 20 Feb
Wednesday 02 Mar
-10%1 512 €-10%2 117 €On demand
March 2022
Saturday 12 Mar
Tuesday 22 Mar
-10%1 512 €-10%2 117 €On demand
There are no suitable dates available? Get in touch!
Price includes• Double cabin with air conditioning and private bathroom
• Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
• Crew members: 2 people (captain, hostess/cook)
• 2 sets of sheets and towels (including bath towels) per person per week
• Consumables for the boat (water, petrol and diesel)
• Boat and passenger insurance
• Water sports: snorkeling equipment and sea kayak
Price does not include• Flights
• Transfers from the airport/hotel and the boat
• Bar, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks
• On board cash box (obligatory) per person to be paid on site in cash
• Excursions (optional) per person to be paid on site or at booking
• Extra charge for superior cabin (rear or front cabin): 170 € /cabin


If you wish to make a cancellation, you should contact your GlobeSailor advisor as soon as possible. Whatever the circumstances, you will be charged the following cancellation fees, depending on when the cancellation is made: up to 90 days before departure = 25%; 89 to 60 days before departure = 50%; 59 to 30 days before departure = 75%; 29 days or less before departure = 100% of the total cost of your booking. We recommend that you sign up for cancellation insurance with your personal insurance provider.
All the skippers which we offer are qualified, have the necessary professional licenses and speak fluent English. If you have any particular demands regarding a skipper make sure to let us know.
The skipper is in charge of navigation and your safety on board. Feel free to try out some of the manoeuvres with him; he will be happy to teach you the basics of sailing.
Regarding sleeping arrangements, the skipper will sleep on board, either in a cabin or in the common area (saloon).
The skipper is not in charge of cooking or washing up. A hostess (or cook) will prepare your meals, clean the saloon area and the cabins and make sure the boat is kept tidy.
After you have made your booking the base manager will contact you to give you more information on your cruise. Make sure you confirm what time you will be arriving and also your flight details. A taxi or minibus can meet you at the airport and bring you directly to the boat at an extra cost.
To confirm your booking you should inform your GlobeSailor advisor who will put an option (hold) on the cabin for a certain time until we receive your down payment.
The booking will only be considered final once we have received your down payment (by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card) which is 50% of the total amount. A 100% down payment is required for any booking made less than one month before departure.
The balance should be paid no later than one month before boarding, either to the base or to GlobeSailor. Mandatory extras and options will be payable locally. Be sure to check with your advisor or the base prior to departure.
The local currency is the Pacific Franc (CFP), sometimes abbreviated as XPF. The exchange rate between the Pacific Franc et the euro is fixed at 1 € = 119,33 CFP and 1000 CFP = 8.38 €
French Polynesia is a French overseas territory and US and EU passport holders do not need a visa for visits of less than 90 days. You should ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months.
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We have selected the very best boats, each with excellent crew members who will ensure you have a relaxing and unforgettable holiday! No sailing experience required: discover a different way to see the world, on board a boat with family or friends!

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Explore the islands of Polynesia on a Cabin Cruise
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