Sailing the Andaman Sea in Thailand

The perfect cruise to explore one of the most beautiful bays in the world

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Sailing the Andaman Sea in Thailand

Aboard a splendid catamaran, you'll spend 11 days discovering the beauty of the islands of the Andaman Sea. Explore the Phi Phi Islands with iconic limestone cliffs and the magnificent Koh Hong Islands, where hidden lagoons await you. Get ready to explore spectacular dive sites and sample delicious local cuisine. This family-friendly cruise offers the perfect combination of adventure, relaxation and discovery. To make the most of the Thai sunshine, we recommend you plan your cruise during the dry season, from November to April!

Cruise Highlights

  • Swimming amongst colourful fish.
  • Discovering the beautiful Phi Phi Islands.
  • Exploring tropical jungle trails.

Itinerary of your cruise

Are you ready to set sail on a catamaran and discover the wonders of the Andaman Sea? Your daily stopovers allow you to make the most of these idyllic islands.


DAY 1: Yacht Haven - Koh Phanak (about 2 hours)
You will embark at 4:30 pm from the Yacht Haven marina. Meet the crew and other passengers while enjoying a welcome cocktail. The skipper will set sail for Koh Phanak, located in the heart of Phang Nga Bay. The island has several treasures, including mysterious caves offering a unique spectacle and hidden tunnels that beckon exploration. It is also a nature sanctuary, home to various flora and fauna. You might even spot some exotic birds!

DAY 2: Koh Phanak - Koh Pak Bia Islands, Koh Hong Krabi (about 2.5 hours)
Sail towards the Koh Pak Bia Islands, two small islands with stunning limestone rock formations and white sandy beaches. Enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear waters with colourful fish. Then head to Koh Hong and it's beautiful emerald-green lagoon. Take a walk along the nature trail to discover lush vegetation and exotic wildlife. Climb to the viewing platform, which offers magnificent views over Phang Nga Bay.

DAY 3: Koh Hong Krabi - Ao Nang Krabi, Railay (about 2 hours)
The skipper raises the anchor to take you to Ao Nang where you will find Railay Bay, a unique place renowned worldwide for rock climbing. Take a kayak trip, paddling alongside the lush green cliffs, offering a sense of relaxation. Observe the many fish, crabs, birds and monkeys. Afterwards, you can immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy a cocktail on the terrace near the beach.

DAY 4: Ao Nang Krabi, Railay - Koh Phi Phi Maya Bay (around 3.5 hours)
Continue your cruise to Koh Phi Phi, home to one of Thailand's most popular bays, Maya Bay. The film "The Beach" starring Leonardo Di Caprio was shot here. The setting is magnificent, with a fine sandy beach, turquoise waters and lush vegetation. Grab your flippers, mask and snorkel and set off to explore the seabed, where an extraordinary underwater world awaits you.

DAY 5: Koh Phi Phi - Koh Lanta (about 5 hours)
Set sail to discover Koh Lanta, a real haven of peace. Visit the fishermen's village, inhabited by the "Chao leh" sea gypsies, a semi-nomadic people who have lived on the island for 500 years. Take a stroll along the Chinese-style main street and discover the architecture. The island also has beautiful beaches where you can relax and soak up the sun.

DAY 6: Koh Lanta - Koh Rok, Koh Kradan, koh Muk (about 3.5 hours)
Your skipper sets sail for Mu Koh Lanta National Park. The park includes a number of islands and is a truly unspoilt tropical paradise. You will discover the islands of Koh Rok, Koh Kradan and Koh Muk. You may come face to face with a lizard or a macaque monkey during a stroll. These islands are ideal for snorkelling, where you can see clownfish, barracudas and with a bit of luck, turtles. You can also kayak around the islands and stop off at one of the beaches to relax.

DAY 7: Koh Rok - Phi Phi Islands (around 6 hours)
Welcome to the Phi Phi Islands, the jewel of Thailand. This archipelago of 6 islands is surrounded by crystal-clear waters. Its seabed is one of the most beautiful in the world, with exceptional marine flora and fauna. You may even be lucky enough to spot harmless black-tip sharks. Go hiking and discover superb beaches, cross tropical jungle and reach more isolated spots.

DAY 8: Koh Phi Phi - Racha Island (around 7 hours)
You will arrive at the island paradise of Racha. You can follow one of the hiking trails around the island. You'll see some coconut plantations and buffalos grazing peacefully. You can also go snorkelling, where you'll have the chance to spot sergeant majors, balloon fish and much more.

DAY 9: Racha Island - Koh Yao Yai (around 4.5 hours)
Sail to the island of Koh Yao Yai, the pearl of the Andaman Sea. Discover its rich culture and visit the fishermen's village with its traditional wooden houses. You can also hike through the jungle and enjoy incredible panoramic views.

DAY 10: Koh Yao Yai - Koh Naka (about 2 hours)
Your crew hoist the sails for Koh Naka, accessible only by boat. Kayak out to explore the hidden coves and spectacular coastal scenery around the island. Then, cool off with a swim in the sparkling turquoise waters. Relax and enjoy the sun on the islands white sandy beaches.

JOUR 11: Koh Naka- Yacht Haven (about 1.5 hours)
It's time to say goodbye to the crew. You will disembark at around 9:00 am.

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Price includes

  • Accommodation in an air-conditioned double or triple cabin (from 8 am to 10 pm) with a private bathroom.
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  • 1 local cocktail per person offered each evening (made with rum, prosecco... depending on destination, or fruit juices, soft drinks).
  • Crew service: 3 people (captain, hostess, cook).
  • 2 sets of sheets, towels and beach towels per person per week.
  • Consumables for the boat (water, petrol and diesel).
  • Boat and passenger insurance.
  • Snorkelling equipment (fins, mask and snorkel).
  • 2 paddles.
  • 1 kayak.

Price does not include

  • Flights.
  • Transfers to and from the airport and the base (optional).
  • Extra drinks from the bar (soft drinks and alcoholic drinks).
  • Special diet supplement (vegan, gluten-free, etc.): €170/person.
  • Checkout fee (compulsory) at the time of booking: €395/person.
  • Superior cabin supplement: €250/cabin on both cabin cruises and private cruises.
  • **IMPORTANT: For all departures from 04/01/2025 the superior cabin supplement will be €270/cabin.
  • Penalties for late submission of documents (passport, contract, etc.). If submitted less than 10 days before departure: €150 / cabin (to be paid on site).

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I book my flights and stay in addition to my cruise?

    Our travel agency can book flights and accommodation for all our customers embarking on a cruise. We offer tailor-made packages to suit your needs and budget.

    We have created two offers 100% customisable :
    - Serenity Service: Book your flight tickets.
    - Service Extension: Book your accommodation (hotel, gîte, villa...) and/or complementary activities (excursions, guided tours, car hire...) to make the most of Thailand's rich heritage.

    Our advisors, specialists in the destination, will send you their top suggestions for your holiday.
  • What documents do I need to travel to Thailand?

    You must have a valid passport valid for more than 6 months after the return date. The visa is not required for any stay of less than 30 days, as long as the passport is still valid 6 months after the date of return.

    This information is provided subject to change by the authorities of the country visited. It is not uncommon for border crossing rules to change. We therefore strongly advise you to refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website of your country.
  • What vaccinations are recommended when travelling to Thailand?

    For a trip to Thailand, we advise you to check that your vaccinations are up to date, including universal vaccinations (DTPP, hepatitis B) and hepatitis A (essential).
    Other vaccinations are recommended, such as typhoid (essential, except perhaps for a very short stay in Bangkok) and rabies (recommended for long or rural stays). Before travelling abroad, we advise you to consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website of your country.
  • Is everyone on board English speaking?

    Please note that this cruise is not exclusive to English-speaking travellers. It is quite common to meet people of various nationalities on board as we offer cruises to international clientele - encouraging curious and enriching exchanges for both passengers and crew.
    Crew members are multilingual and qualified to offer a multilingual service.
  • How do I organise my transfer from the airport to the boat?

    The transfer can be organised by your GlobeSailor advisor and the base manager, by taxi or minibus. Payment for this service should generally be made to GlobeSailor at the time of payment of the balance or directly on-site in cash. Don't forget to let your advisor know your arrival time.
  • How does How does a cruise with a skipper and a hostess work?

    All the skippers we offer are registered and hold the necessary professional certificates. They speak fluent English. If you have any special requirements regarding the skipper, please let us know. The skipper is in charge of navigation and your safety on board. Feel free to join in the manoeuvres with him, and he will be delighted to teach you the basics of sailing. In terms of organisation, the skipper sleeps on the boat, either in a separate cabin or in the saloon. The skipper is not responsible for cooking or washing up. On request, a hostess (or cook) can prepare your meals, clean the saloon and your cabins and generally keep the boat in good order. All our cabin cruises include the services of at least one skipper and one hostess (unless otherwise stated in the contract).
  • Does the boat operate only with the sails?

    It depends on the weather. When the winds are strong, the skipper will use the sails to sail silently. On days with calmer winds or to reach the stopovers on schedule, the skipper may need to use the engine. The engine is also used when entering and leaving the marinas. We cannot guarantee a minimum time of using the sails. The skipper will do their best to use the sails as much as possible and involve passengers in manoeuvres.
  • How are meals organised on the boat?

    Most of our cabin cruises include full board and the services of a hostess/ cook. Alcoholic beverages are sometimes extra. Please check the terms and conditions of your quotation. On request, your GlobeSailor advisor can send you the menus offered on board. They are often prepared using fresh, local produce. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are allergic to certain foods or have a special diet.
  • Are menus adapted to special diets?

    We strive to offer the best possible service on our cruises and special dietary requirements are important to us. By informing your GlobeSailor advisor well in advance of the cruise of your dietary restrictions and/or specific diet, we will be able to adapt the menu.
    Preparing these different menus adds a certain level of complexity for our hostesses/cooks, who have to prepare meals for 12 guests in functional kitchens with limited space. It can be difficult to find good substitute products without incurring additional costs. Therefore, there is an extra charge for special dietary requirements to ensure that all our guests on board receive the same level of service.
  • What is the time difference in Thailand?

    If you are from Britain or Ireland, Thailand is 6 hours ahead.
    If you are from Australia, Thailand is 3 hours behind.
    If you are from New Zealand, Thailand is 5 hours ahead.
    If you are from the United States, Thailand is 11 hours ahead.
    If you are from Canada, Thailand is 11 hours ahead.
  • What is the Thai currency? What should my budget be for expenses on land?

    The unit of currency in Thailand is the Baht. The exchange rate in 2024 was €1 = approximately 40 Bts.

    Euros can be exchanged everywhere without any problem or commission, either at bureaux de change or a bank. In tourist areas, banks often have an exchange counter, which stays open later than the bank itself (until 8 pm, sometimes 10 pm), every day including weekends.

    Note that the exchange rate varies slightly depending on the region (and also slightly from bank to bank in the same region):, the less touristy the area, the less favourable the rate. The rates offered at Bangkok airports are also fairly poor.

    You should have no problem withdrawing money from the country's ATMs with an international payment card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.). However, you will pay a commission of 150 to 200 Bts for each withdrawal, in addition to your bank's commission, which is generally higher. It is better to withdraw large sums of money a few times than to make many small withdrawals.

    Entrance fees to museums, sites and temples are generally fairly cheap, if not very reasonable. Except for some national parks, where the entrance fee has recently doubled... for farang (foreigners), from 200 to 400 Bts! Some museums and monuments also charge a high entrance fee, up to 350 Bts or even 500 Bts. But in general, the cost is modest, 50 to 100 Bts on average.

    Beware of scams. Importing counterfeit products exposes the holder to legal proceedings and severe customs fines on return to France. Customs don't play around with this.

    If you pay for your purchases with a payment card, don't let it out of your sight and don't forget to collect the duplicate carbon copy. As a general rule, avoid paying by card for small purchases, as you will be charged a transaction fee. Cash also gives you much greater bargaining power than card and limits the risks.
  • What are the requirements to confirm my booking?

    To confirm your reservation, you must inform your GlobeSailor consultant who will propose a time to collect your deposit. The reservation will not be considered final until your deposit has been received (by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card), from 30 to 50% of the amount of the reservation. A deposit of 100% will be required for any reservation made less than one month before departure. The balance is due 45 days before departure at the latest.
  • What happens in case of cancellation?

    In case of cancellation, you must notify your GlobeSailor advisor as soon as possible. Whatever the cause, the following cancellation fees will be due: up to 90 days before departure: 30% /// from 89 to 60 days: 50% /// from 59 to 30 days: 75% /// from 29 days to departure: 100% of your booking.