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Yacht charter in Croatia

-25% Sun Odyssey 32i from 03 to 07 april 2015 - Marina Kastela, Croatia 565 € 424 € Offer Details
Sun Odyssey 32i
Oceanis Clipper 373
Sun Fast 26
Sun Odyssey 36i
Oceanis 37
Elan Impression 344
Bavaria 42 Cruiser
Elan 333
Oceanis 393 Clipper
Oceanis Clipper 373
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  1. Antarès 750 HB - Beneteau (2011)
    Capacity: 8 p
    Berths: 2+2
    Engine: 1x148 hp
    Cabins: 1 cab
    Draught: 1.97 ft
    Size: 22.87 ft

    Fishing boat Beneteau of 7 meters for charter with or without skipper from the charter base Marina Spinut (Split) ...

    1 100 €per week*
  2. Dolin
    Capacity: 10 p
    Berths: 10
    Engine: 1x251 hp
    Cabins: 5 cab
    Draught: 7.22 ft
    Size: 88.59 ft

    Gulet of 27 meters for charter with skipper / crew from the charter base Trogir ...

    5 900 €per week*
  3. Gideon
    Capacity: 18 p
    Berths: 16+2
    Engine: 1x434 hp
    Cabins: 8 cab
    Draught: 6.56 ft
    Size: 104.99 ft

    Gulet of 32 meters for charter with skipper / crew from the charter base ACI Marina Split ...

    7 000 €per week*
  4. Maestral 650 - Maestral (2010)
    Capacity: 10 p
    Berths: ---
    Engine: 1x115 hp
    Cabins: ---
    Draught: ---
    Size: 21.33 ft

    Motor boat Maestral of 7 meters for charter with or without skipper from the charter base Punat ...

    800 €per week*
  5. Elan 431 Team - Elan (1997)
    Capacity: 9 p
    Berths: 8+1
    Engine: 1x49 hp
    Cabins: 4 cab
    Draught: 6.40 ft
    Size: 44.13 ft

    Sailboat Elan of 13 meters for charter with or without skipper from the charter base Sukosan ...

    1 050 €per week*
  6. Antarès 750 HB - Beneteau (2009)
    Capacity: 6 p
    Berths: 2+2
    Engine: 1x150 hp
    Cabins: 1 cab
    Draught: 2.62 ft
    Size: 23.72 ft

    Fishing boat Beneteau of 7 meters for charter with or without skipper from the charter base Punat ...

    1 200 €per week*
  7. 555 Commander - Quicksilver (2009)
    Capacity: 6 p
    Berths: 1
    Engine: 1x113 hp
    Cabins: 1 cab
    Draught: ---
    Size: 18.11 ft

    Motor boat Quicksilver of 6 meters for charter with or without skipper from the charter base Trogir ...

    650 €per week*
  8. Lagoon 450 - Lagoon (2011)
    Capacity: 12 p
    Berths: 8+4
    Engine: 2x54 hp
    Cabins: 4 cab
    Draught: 4.27 ft
    Size: 45.80 ft

    Catamaran Lagoon of 14 meters for charter with or without skipper from the charter base Seget Donji ...

    2 800 €per week*
  9. Bavaria 37 Cruiser - Bavaria (2015)
    Capacity: 8 p
    Berths: 6+1
    Engine: 1x29 hp
    Cabins: 3 cab
    Draught: 6.40 ft
    Size: 37.24 ft

    Sailboat Bavaria of 11 meters for charter with or without skipper from the charter base Punat ...

    1 650 €per week*
  10. Bavaria 44 - Bavaria (2002)
    Capacity: 10 p
    Berths: 8+2
    Engine: 1x52 hp
    Cabins: 4 cab
    Draught: 5.41 ft
    Size: 45.77 ft

    Sailboat Bavaria of 14 meters for charter with or without skipper from the charter base Marina Zadar ...

    1 400 €per week*
* Indicative price excluding any discounts and options

Yacht charter in Croatia

Renting a boat in Croatia is very easy, there are many charter companies providing excellent fleets and services. Also boat rentals in Croatia are generally less expensive than in France or Italy, that is why Croatia is now one of the major sailing destination in Europe. Croatia offer many islands and islets and a wild and preserved coastline that offers many surprises to the sailors from around the world.

Croatia: Practical Information

With these 5800 km of coastline, Croatia became in a few years an unavoidable destination in term of navigation. Croatia is a very popular place for holiday rentals, but more and more for boat rentals with fleets very well equipped, modern marinas, excellent facilities for the sailing, and a large number of moorings preserved of mass tourism. Let you simply attempt by its natural beauty and wild character and make of your cruise in Croatia an unforgettable experience.

Conditions of navigation in Croatia

The climate in Croatia is Mediterranean that is to say temperate. From May until October, the Croats coasts enjoy a Mediterranean climate of 19/30 degrees according to the months. There are mainly 2 types of winds: - The Bora come from the North is a cold and violent wind but who hunting the clouds. The Jugo South wind heavy and wet bringing storms at the end of day. The ideal is therefore from april to october : gusts becoming scarce and temperatures are around the 30°C (Temperature of the sea in this period to about 25°C ! ). The mistral comes as for to refresh the dalmatians coasts in spring and summer. It offers to boaters who rent a boat in Croatia optimal conditions of navigation.

IMPORTANT: Money in Croatia is not the euro, you will therefore require exchange your currency against the kuna.

Route of Navigation: Croatia

Departure base: Kremik

Arrival base: Kremik

When you get to Kremik, will be amazed by the Marina of Kremik and its fields of old vine of about 800 years. The forests, the waterfalls and mountains mingle with cultural and historical wonders offers magnificient coastline. Cape toward the south to about 20 miles of navigation…

Trogir – you will make acquaintance with Trogir and its exceptional architectural, it has led its inclusion in 1997 on the world heritage list of Unesco. Trogir is a basis deemed and a point of departure usual if you want to rent a boat in Croatia.

Solta - Their you will relax. It's a small place without tourist, and less than five groceries!

Rogoznica – Splendid place, the streets are alive and lively, the surroundings of Rogoznica offer of beautiful beaches hidden in the rocks and at each step you can feel the European soul. Do not forget, if you are in the summer, to enjoy partys and discuss with the inhabitants, who will let you an awesome and happy memories at the end of your cruise. Many boat rentals Rogoznica are available in this marina.

Type of boat in Croatia

  • Rent sailboat Sailboat 2159 boats
  • Rent motor boat Motor boat 594 boats
  • Rent bowrider Bowrider 272 boats
  • Rent racing sailboat Racing sailboat 217 boats
  • Rent catamaran Catamaran 204 boats
  • Rent speed boat Speed boat 189 boats
  • Rent fishing boat Fishing boat 183 boats
  • Rent luxury yacht Luxury Yacht 129 boats
  • Rent inflatable boat Inflatable boat 37 boats
  • Rent gulet Gulet 36 boats
  • Rent trawler Trawler 14 boats
  • Rent power multihull Power multihull 4 boats
  • Rent classic boat Classic boat 3 boats
  • Rent trimaran Trimaran 1 boats

Boat brand in Croatia

  • Boat rental Bavaria in Croatia Bavaria 885 boats
  • Boat rental Jeanneau in Croatia Jeanneau 437 boats
  • Boat rental Beneteau in Croatia Beneteau 333 boats
  • Boat rental Elan in Croatia Elan 244 boats
  • Boat rental Lagoon in Croatia Lagoon 157 boats
  • Boat rental Dufour in Croatia Dufour 115 boats
  • Boat rental Quicksilver in Croatia Quicksilver 89 boats
  • Boat rental Hanse in Croatia Hanse 81 boats
  • Boat rental Salona in Croatia Salona 59 boats
  • Boat rental SAS-Vektor in Croatia SAS-Vektor 46 boats
  • Boat rental Gib Sea in Croatia Gib Sea 35 boats
  • Boat rental Bayliner in Croatia Bayliner 32 boats
  • Boat rental Fountaine Pajot in Croatia Fountaine Pajot 29 boats
  • Boat rental Sunseeker in Croatia Sunseeker 29 boats
  • Boat rental Princess in Croatia Princess 25 boats
  • Boat rental Harmony in Croatia Harmony 20 boats
  • Boat rental Maestral in Croatia Maestral 19 boats
  • Boat rental Sea Ray in Croatia Sea Ray 19 boats
  • Boat rental Grand Soleil in Croatia Grand Soleil 17 boats
  • Boat rental Ferretti in Croatia Ferretti 16 boats
  • Boat rental Fairline in Croatia Fairline 15 boats
  • Boat rental Nautitech in Croatia Nautitech 12 boats
  • Boat rental Sessa in Croatia Sessa 10 boats
  • Boat rental Azimut in Croatia Azimut 9 boats
  • Boat rental Salpa in Croatia Salpa 9 boats
  • Boat rental Damor in Croatia Damor 9 boats
  • Boat rental Arkos in Croatia Arkos 9 boats
  • Boat rental Delphia Yachts in Croatia Delphia Yachts 9 boats
  • Boat rental Linssen in Croatia Linssen 8 boats
  • Boat rental Maxum in Croatia Maxum 7 boats
  • Boat rental Barracuda yachts in Croatia Barracuda yachts 7 boats
  • Boat rental Scarani in Croatia Scarani 6 boats
  • Boat rental Sealine in Croatia Sealine 6 boats
  • Boat rental Cranchi in Croatia Cranchi 6 boats
  • Boat rental Regal in Croatia Regal 5 boats
  • Boat rental Yaretti in Croatia Yaretti 5 boats
  • Boat rental Dehler in Croatia Dehler 4 boats
  • Boat rental Four Winns in Croatia Four Winns 4 boats
  • Boat rental Galia in Croatia Galia 4 boats

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