8 Days of Fishing in the Seychelles in a Private Catamaran

An ideal cruise for fishing and nature lovers
Fishing in the Seychelles
Departure Mahé (Seychelles)
Private Cruise
8 days, 7 nights
You will love:
  • • The diverse fishings spots
  • • Anse Lazio, the world's most beautiful beach
  • • The relaxed mood on these ideal beaches
  • • The stops to the different islands
Price available on request

A paradise for big game fishing and fly fishermen, Seychelles is one of the few places on the planet that is not under the pressure of fishing and tourism. The nature is generous and offers you a multitude of fish: snapper, grouper, barracuda, garfish... aboard a catamaran that can accommodate 8 people, spend your days between fishing parties, excursions to the various islands of the archipelago and the tasting what you have caught after it is prepared by your cook. With family, among friends or as a couple, the ladies will enjoy relaxing on white sandy beaches while the men can devote their time to fishing or vice versa! This cruise offers a unique experience to share in the privacy of a paradise island.

Your Boat


The Leopard 47 is a ideal for a fishing cruise. It has all the necessary equipment and can hold up to 8 passengers with its 4 double cabins. It is very spacious and each cabin has its own bathroom. While on board, the experienced crew is there to help discover the best fishing spots and the cook is there to turn your catches into delicious meals.

Boat Model:Leopard 47
Number of Cabins:4
Maximum Capacity:8
Crew Members:2
The owner reserves the right to replace with a different boat model of the same quality and performance



Stop-over in the most beautiful destinations for fishing...

Day 1 – Victoria – Anse Machabee (Mahé)
Boarding begins from 2pm. After you settle in and have a welcome cocktail, we implore you to visit the famous, colourful Victoria market. In the afternoon, departure for Anse Machabee, located 50 minutes from the Northern tip of Mahé. Here there are beautiful, unpopulated beaches that are ideal for beginner fly fishers, popper fishing, or for those who just want to admire the beauty of their surroundings. Only a couple metres from the anchor site, you can explore the shallow waters by kayak.

Day 2 – Anse Machabee (Mahé) – Anse à la mouche
After breakfast, sail to the South. The trolling rods will be set up to catch bonito, mahi-mahi, and Indo-Pacific sailfish en route. Try to name different types of fish (common dentex, grouper, green jobfish, etc.) while on your way. Once you've arrived at Fly Cove, you're ready for some wading or fly fishing. Finish off your day back at the anchored boat in front of a beautiful piece of grilled fish.

Day 3 – Anse à la mouche – Île aux récifs – Port de la Passe (La Digue)
Before breakfast, you can get in some quality fishing time or take a early morning dive or walk along the shore. You will then sail to a reef island near Fregate jig fishing or popper fishing. Your captain will now take you to La Digue, one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the world. The beach of Anse Lazio is known for its beaches with ideal scens of coconut palms and white sand. Bonefish, bourgeois red snapper, carangues, fishing here will not disappoint. After dinner, a night fishing excursion will be organised to catch small sharks or barracudas.

Day 4 – Port de la Passe (La Digue) – Jig and Popper at Channel Rock – Anse Sévère (La Digue)
For today, you'll have three choices available to you: tourism, flyfishing, or angle fishing in the channel. La Digue is a tropical paradise: turquoise waters along with enchanting vegetation to see by bike or even aboard an ox cart. On the fishing menu: jobfish, grouper, carangue, etc. Mid-afternoon, you captain will take you back to the boat in Anse Sévère in the north-west part of the island.

Day 5 – Anse Sévère – Trolling Lines to East Island – Anse Lazio (Praslin)
Start your day with a picturesque breakfast overlooking the Anse Sévère. Take a walkaround Anse Patate and sunbathe in the warm water of the lagoon surrounded by fish and possibly small sharks. You can get one more angle fishing session in before leaving La Digue at the end of the morning. The wind will guide the catamaran sterns around the islands: Marianne, Félicité, Little Sister and Big Sister, which are all charcterized for their enormous granite blocks along with the coconut palms and white sandy beaches. These waters are very fishy and it's not uncommon to catch a big one in these parts. Coco Island is a must-see for those who wish to dive and check out sea turtles up close. You will leave for Anse Lazio in Praslin after.

Day 6 – Anse Lazio (Praslin) – Whale Rock – Anse Georgette (Praslin)
Take advantage of the Anse Lazio beach after a breakfast of fresh fruit. You have the choice between touring the famous UNESCO World Heritage site of Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve of natural palm tree forest and staying back on the boat for a jig fishing session on Whale Rock. In the afternoon, you will return to Praslin on Anse Georgette, the wildest and most exciting beach on the island. Relaxing and fishing are a highlight here, but it is also possible to go diving, hiking, or exploring the secluded coast by kayak.

Day 7 – Anse Georgette – Jig and Popper in Mamelles – Anse Major (Mahé)
Towards the end of the morning, your captain will take to the sea in the direction of Mahé. On the way there, you will stop off on the outskirts of Mamelle, Brissand, and the ship-wrecked site of Ennerdale to drift fish or to jigfish. You will resume sailing towards Anse Major where you can dive, kayak, and fish. There will be a dinner of fresh fish, a sunset on the horizon, and a night at the mooring.

Day 8 – Anse Major (Mahé) – Victoria
Wake at dawn for a final tea or smoothie before returning to the sea in the direction of the capital of Victoria. Once there, you can disembark at 10am. You have the possibility to leave your suitcases and other baggage while you finish your visite of Victoria and its surroundings.

Your stops:

Victoria > Mahé > Anse à la mouche > La Digue > Praslin > Anse Major > Victoria

The itinerary may be changed without prior notice due to technical or weather conditions


Contact us to receive the availabilities and prices for this offer
Price includes• Completely private boat
• 4 Double cabins with bathroom
• Fuel
• Crew: Captain and Cook
• Use of fishing equipment

Full Option:
• Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
• Non-alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
Price does not include• Air
• Transfers
• Provisioning
• Shore excursions

Full Option:
• Alcoholic beverages
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8 Days of Fishing in the Seychelles in a Private Catamaran
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